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About Us

Temple of ASCII (TOA) is my hobbyist site for the love of a RogueLike sub-genre, RogueLite and RPGLite.

I have been playing Role Playing Games on the computer since the days of the Commodore 64.  When computers started becoming more than just adding machines, “Dungeoneering” developers started creating Role Playing Games (RPGs) to further support our appetites for D&D.  I think it was somewhere between the mid-eighties to late nineties that RPG games thrived.  It was a sort of gaming renaissance of RPGs at a time when gaming was less about graphics and more about fun and playability.  Sure there have been great games since but I still miss the good ol’ days.  Graph paper, anyone?

This site is the ramblings of an aging gamer who as a hobbyist developer, enjoys the casual development of RPG games routed in ASCII.